Legrand Ships HDMI Cables Supporting 4K, HDR

legrand-hdmi-0816Legrand is introducing Premium High Speed HDMI cables with Ethernet, the company’s first that offer full support of 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Legrand’s eight-piece offering includes two white slim line cables, the AC3MP1-WH (one-meter length) and AC3MP2-WH (two-meter length), which are ideal for discreet installations, such as wall-mounted monitors, as they maintain the lowest profiles without sacrificing features or performance. Rounding out the group are an array of black cables that range in size from one to seven meters — the AC2MP1-BK, AC2MP2-BK, AC2MP3-BK, AC2MP4-BK, AC2AP5-BK and AC2AP7-BK.

All the cables are certified to handle 18 Gbps data speeds and the packaging for each cable features a QR code and a unique holographic fingerprint that consumers can scan with their mobile devices to verify that the manufacturer and model number are authentic and certified as they are making their purchasing decisions.

All of Legrand’s Premium High Speed HDMI cables are constructed of PVC molding housing, gold-plated and CL-3 rated for in-wall use. They have small overmold designs that allow them to be pulled more easily between studs during installation. To facilitate the use of these cables in more applications, Legrand also offers the HT2102-WH-V1 flat panel TV connection kit.

Here are the details.