TURBOSOUND Ships Flagship FLASHLINE Monitors

TFM122M-AN_P0BLT_Dead-Right_L-0816TURBOSOUND has today announced the shipping of its flagship FLASHLINE MONITORS range of two-way loudspeakers. Designed primarily as stage monitors, they also accommodate a wide range of portable speech and music sound reinforcement applications. The flagship range consists of four models, two 12” and two 15” models, the TFM122M and TFM152M switchable passive/bi-amp loudspeakers, as well as the TFM122M-AN and TFM152M-AN powered loudspeakers.

The new two-way switchable passive/bi-amp TFM122M and TFM152M monitors feature 1,400 Watts of peak power designed to work in conjunction with LAB GRUPPEN amplification and loudspeaker management systems.

Specifically the TFM122M features a carbon fiber loaded 12” neodymium motor low frequency driver with a titanium dome 1.4” neodymium motor compression driver with the larger TFM152M featuring a carbon fiber loaded 15” neodymium motor low frequency driver with the titanium dome 1.4” neodymium motor compression driver.

The powered models in the range, the TFM122M-AN and TFM152M-AN, deliver 2,500 watts of peak power while featuring the same custom engineered driver technology as the switchable passive/bi-amp models in the range. These models are designed to work individually without a controller so feature an intuitive user interface via LCD display or remote control via TURBOSOUND PC Edit software.

You can see them here.