The Truth About the New TechLogix “Gaming Market” Fiber Optic Cables


TechLogix Networx has launched HDMI and DisplayPort video cables that they claim are specifically designed for electronic gaming and esports competition. Huh? The press announcement said, “Unlike traditional video cables which are limited in length and video-processing speed, TechLogix cables leverage a fiber optic core that supports true, real-time 8K and 4K120 video with bandwidths […]

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DVIGear Expands HyperLight Active Optical Cable Product Line at InfoComm 2019


DVIGear demonstrated its newly expanded HyperLight Active Optical Cable product line at InfoComm 2019 in Orlando, Fla. New accessories for the modular HyperLight HDMI Series were shown, alongside a new interference-resistant shielded HyperLight DVI cable and a preview of an upcoming 8K-capable 48Gbps HyperLight HDMI cable. The HyperLight Active Optical Cable line represents a paradigm […]

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Metra Home Theater Group Showcases 24Gbps HDMI Cables at ISE 2019


Metra Home Theater Group (MHTG) is showcasing more than 50 HDMI cable products with 24Gbps bandwidth at booth 1-Q80 at the 2019 Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam. MHTG’s HDMI cables are manufactured under Ethereal Home Theater, Helios and The Install Bay brands and available now in a wide range of lengths and options. These […]

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Roland Claims Premium HDMI Cables and Accessory Line at InfoComm


Roland Professional A/V is expanding its line of premium professional audio/video and music accessories with new premium-quality HDMI and SDI video cables added to the Gold Series line. Roland’s new Gold Series HDMI cables are available in 28awg internal wiring in lengths of 16 and 25 feet, and with 30awg internal wiring at lengths of […]

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Tributaries Improves Slim HDMI Cables By Making Them Slightly Thicker


Tributaries just announced a major upgrade to the UHDS Slim line of HDMI cables. All UHDS cables are now certified 18Gbps by DPL Labs and the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) — 18Gbps certification ensures 4K compatibility, enabling High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Deep Color. By increasing the wire gauge slightly from stranded 36AWG to solid 32 AWG, Tributaries […]

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Covid Introduces Two New HDMI Cable Products


Covid has announced the addition of two new HDMI cables to its extensive cable line: a locking HDMI cable and a right-angle HDMI cable. The locking HDMI 2.0 cable, (HDLK) features the Ultra Lock System, making it one of the most secure and reliable high retention HDMI cables on the market. The simple locking device is locked […]

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Tributaries 18Gbps Cables Are DPL Labs and ISF Certified


Tributaries just announced that the UHDT TITAN Passive 10-meter (32-foot, 10-inch) HDMI cable has been certified by both DPL Labs and ISF for 18Gbps performance.  Why is passive such a big deal? Passive HDMI cables are always preferred over active. In addition to incompatibility issues with other electronics, active cables are directional and will not work if reversed. The active end of the […]

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Tributaries New HDMI Cables Are 18Gig


Tributaries just launched the UHDT TITAN line of HDMI cables. The TITAN series uses two new patented developments in HDMI signal transfer: a metallurgy which enables longer lengths of passive cables and active electronics equipped with a DDC accelerator and three discrete internal power supplies. The development of a passive HDMI cable that can transport 18Gbps up to 26 […]

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Metra Home Theater Group Launches 4K 18G MHX and MHY Cables


Metra Home Theater Group announces new technology and redesigned features in Ethereal’s popular MHX and MHY HDMI cables. Ethereal’s MHX and MHY HDMI cables are spec’d to take 4K 60Hz with HDR (up to 18 Gbps) from 0.5 to 10 meters, and 10.2 Gbps at 12 to 15 meters. The Ethereal MHX high-speed ethernet cables have extended their length for delivering 18Gbps […]

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Covid Adds Two New HDMI 2.0 Cables


Covid has announced the addition of two new HDMI 2.0 cables. Both support HDMI High Dynamic Range (HDR) up to 18Gbps and 4K@60Hz resolution and color. The P-HDFH-DC2 Active Optical cable is a plenum-rated, flexible cable offering a 5-millimeter bend radius. Because this cable is constructed using fiber optics, it can be offered in much […]

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Xantech Intros EX Series High-Speed HDMI Cables With X-GRIP Technology


Xantech today introduced its EX Series High-Speed HDMI Cables with X-GRIP Technology at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, Fla. Xantech’s new HDMI Cables are available in .7-meter, 1-meter, 1.5-meter, 2-meter, 3-meter and 4-meter lengths. They are equipped with the company’s patented X-GRIP technology that is spec’d to resist up to 10 pounds of pull force (to keep cables […]

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Comprehensive Intros New 4K Certified 18G Commercial HDMI Cables 


Comprehensive Connectivity Company launches their new Pro AV/IT HD18G series of 4K 18G HDMI Cables (HD18G-xxPROBLK). Certified 18Gbps 4K (end-to-end) HDMI cables are specifically for commercial applications and have Comprehensive’s ProGrip connector and SureLength indicators right on the connector head. Comprehensive Pro AV/IT Certified 18Gbps 4K (End to End) HDMI cables are HDMI ATC certified and come equipped with all the latest HDMI […]

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Comprehensive Introduces New 4K60 4:4:4 18Gb Commercial Plenum HDMI Over Fiber Cables


Comprehensive Connectivity Company launched its new Pro AV/IT HD18G series of 4K60 4:4:4 18Gb HDMI over Fiber Plenum Cables for system integration and other commercial applications. These cables offer a low smoke and fire-retardant plenum jacket, as well as full Ultra HD, 18G 4K 60 4:4:4 end to end performance. They enable high-speed, plug-and-play HDMI signal transmission up to 100 feet. […]

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Xantech Debuts New EX Series HDMI Cables


Xantech today announced the introduction of its new EX Series HDMI cables. The Xantech cables are spec’d to deliver up to 4K 60 4:4:4 resolution capability with a pixel rate of 600 MHz, enabling transmission of High Dynamic Range (HDR) video with a bandwidth faster than 18Gbps at 4K@50/60 (2160p), which is four times the clarity of 1080p/60 video resolution. All […]

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Legrand Ships HDMI Cables Supporting 4K, HDR


Legrand is introducing Premium High Speed HDMI cables with Ethernet, the company’s first that offer full support of 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR). Legrand’s eight-piece offering includes two white slim line cables, the AC3MP1-WH (one-meter length) and AC3MP2-WH (two-meter length), which are ideal for discreet installations, such as wall-mounted monitors, as they maintain the […]

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PureLink Debuts Locking Screw HDMI Cables


PureLink today announced the availability of its new line of “locking” HDMI cables, under its TotalWire brand. The cables support HDMI 2.0b technology as well as the transmission of HDR (High Dynamic Range) content and have a screw-based locking feature that prevents strain and loose connections and could eliminate the need for additional port savers […]

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Altinex Expands ShareTime Line


Altinex has expanded the ShareTime collaboration product line with the ShareTime HDMI Cable (CB300-101), the ShareTime 4×1 HDMI switcher (UT260-041) and the ShareTime Collaboration Package (UT100-041). The Altinex ShareTime HDMI Cable is marketed as a display controller that enables display control using a ShareTime controller and cable in a single assembly. Multiple ShareTime HDMI cables […]

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