Tributaries New HDMI Cables Are 18Gig

Tributaries just launched the UHDT TITAN line of HDMI cables. The TITAN series uses two new patented developments in HDMI signal transfer: a metallurgy which enables longer lengths of passive cables and active electronics equipped with a DDC accelerator and three discrete internal power supplies.

The development of a passive HDMI cable that can transport 18Gbps up to 26 feet is a result, in part, of the application of advanced metallurgical engineering. An HDMI signal that operates at very high frequencies will travel on the surface of a conductor with very little depth of penetration. This phenomenon is known as “skin effect.” Tributaries claims this design has provided a method of extending the length of an 18G passive HDMI cable from a previous longest length of 4 meters to more than doubling that to the new longest length of 8 meters and possibly 10 meters or 33 feet.

Tributaries’ active UHDT cables use the embedded TITAN DIGITAL module, which is designed to function under HDMI 2.1 with four discrete channels each capable of 12Gbps (an aggregate of 48Gbps). Powered by an USB cable, TITAN delivers three discrete voltages that work independently of the HDMI source’s 5V supply preventing voltage variations from the source. TITAN is also the first active solution engineered with an 18Gbps DDC accelerator designed for cables longer than 10 meters. Tributaries UHDT TITAN cables will provide guaranteed stable 18Gbps performance from 12 meters to 25 meters.

Tributaries UHDT TITAN cables are available now in 6-meter and 8-meter passive cables as well as 12-, 15-, 20- and 25-meter active cables. Here are the details.