LED Studio Will Debut V1 Architecture at ISE 2023

led studio vod visual

The LED Studio, powered by VOD Visual, hopes to reshape the LED display landscape by launching its V1 Architecture, which will debut at ISE on Booth 3R250. This is the industry’s first LED display cabinet design that is compatible with three advanced LED technologies, further enhancing sustainability credentials and future-proofing solutions.

The world-class proprietary cabinet infrastructure permits the LED display to be constructed in SMD, Flip-Chip SMD or Flip-Chip SMD High Bright, thanks to the engineered design that adjusts how the PCBs are manufactured. Granting access to three different technology manufacturing methods offers varying visual, economic and financial benefits for end users and presents options for upgrading the technology in the future. The V1 Architecture only requires 30% of the display to be replaced during the upgrade, so 70% remains intact to reduce waste and enable accurate forecasts for future project developments.

The V1 Architecture is launching within The EDGE Pro LED display — another industry display first. The EDGE Pro single die-cast cabinets are designed as a direct replacement for 43” LCDs, measuring 43” diagonal, 38mm deep and weighing 11kg to replicate the specifications of standard 43” LCD commercial panels. The panel offers two mounting methods, allowing it to be installed directly onto a load-bearing wall or hung on standard VESA mounts. The EDGE Pro claims to be three times brighter than traditional LCDs, reaching up to 4000 Nits (when using Flip-Chip High-Brightness pixel technology) to ensure no fading or distortion to the image quality in any indoor environment. The LED Studio uses proprietary sustainability technology to “reduce power consumption by up to 75% compared to average LCDs. The EDGE Pro has an operating expectancy of over 100,000 hours, compared to LCDs’ three-year lifecycle.”

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The EDGE Pro claims to deliver visual excellence derived from the varying benefits of SMD, lip-Chip SMD technology and Flip Chip High Bright. Wide viewing angles, colour accuracy, high dynamic range and DCI-P3 compliance to deliver stunning visual results. The display also achieves an impressive refresh rate of 3840Hz, ideal for immersive applications to define images and eliminate motion blur.

The EDGE Pro is part of The LED Studio’s EDGE Series that offers LED displays in 55” cabinet sizes with direct HDMI connectivity. All EDGE Series displays are available now in pixel pitches ranging from 0.75mm up to 2.5mm for global rollouts.

All of it is here: www.theledstudio.co.uk/the-edge-pro