Lab.gruppen Intros New LUCIA Decentralized Installation Amplifier

lapgruppen-lucia-0813The two-channel LUCIA (Localized Utility Compact Intelligent Amplification) from Lab.gruppen is a compact Energy Star compliant Class D amplifier platform with DSP in the smallest amplifier the company has ever produced. LUCIA is designed for small AV applications that don’t need a distributed system with centralized rack-mounted amplification, matrixing and processing.

The LUCIA is four models across two power configurations — 2x60W and 2x120W – each available with either four-in, four-out matrix-mixer and configurable DSP features (LUCIA 120/2M, LUCIA 240/2M) or in a basic two-in, two-out configuration (LUCIA 120/2 and LUCIA 240/2). While all models are equipped with DSP pre-configured ‘out of the box’ for operation in typical applications, the matrix also allows for USB connection (with Windows and Mac LUCIA configuration software) to unlock the full potential of the processing and mix-matrix to meet specific system requirements.

Conceivably, each LUCIA model could drive up to 16 speakers on a localized low-impedance system (eight per channel — if the loudspeakers were 16 ohms).

All the detailed specs are here.