L-Acoustics Creations Is Here to Bring Commercial AV Products to Residential Environments

l acoustics creations

L-Acoustics Creations is a new division of the company — aimed at bringing commercial AV products to the residential, cultural and marine AV environments.

Five L-Acoustics Creations packages are available for preorder on the division’s newly launched site:

  • Fiji 2.1 — X4i-based package for home office or salon
  • Hawaii 2.1 — X8-based package for super-prime sound lounges
  • Tahiti 2.1 — Syva-based package for high-end home audio indoor or outdoor listening
  • Tonga 2.1 — Syva-based package with reinforced sub for high-performance, high-fidelity music or cinema listening
  • Ibiza 2.0 – Kara II-based package for best DJ audio systems

Other custom systems are available via a network of residential AV Integrators currently being developed.

L-Acoustics Creations is here.