Screen Innovations Adds to Nano Shade Lineup with the Nano 375 Box Coupled

screen innovations nano box coupled

Screen Innovations (SI) just widened its Nano product category with the addition of Nano 375 Box Coupled. With the rest of the SI shade lineup, the Nano 375 Box provides integrators with a simple, decorative, economical and functional solution for banks of windows up to 24 feet in size. According to SI, the new coupled shade offering is designed so that integrators can install one motor to drive as many as four individual Nano Box shades.

The Nano Coupled Box matches the look and feel of the rest of the Nano shade line. Plus, by eliminating the need for one long fascia, its design facilitates simpler, safer transport and a one-person installation. Power and control options mirror the Nano lineup, providing integrators with the flexibility to employ either AC and DC power and enable control via a wide range of third-party control systems.

The new Nano 375 Box Coupled shade is here: