Torus Power Now Shipping AVR ELITE With TorusConnect Power Control

torus power AVR ELITE

Torus Power is now shipping its new AVR ELITE featuring TorusConnect Cloud-based monitoring and control. This model offers a combination of isolation-transformer-enhanced power management and remote operation capabilities. It features new PCB designs, a 32-bit processor, a separate power supply board for a higher-quality audio path, a larger LCD display and tighter voltage regulation than any other Torus product.

Most importantly, the AVR ELITE also offers — for the first time — the new TorusConnect power control system for remote configuration, control and monitoring. The cloud-based system for control, programming, data logging, and reporting allows installers to monitor and respond to user issues remotely and to control and reboot power zones. The TorusConnect app works with all mobile devices and tablets and features an Installer Dashboard for power control of single or multiple installations. Updates are installed via Wi-Fi connectivity.

Additionally, TorusConnect includes live polling and on-demand reports of power-quality data, data-logging and historical data reporting, graphical display of power parameters and a monthly report of power events to TorusConnect users (all of which provide insights into the power conditions on-site and keep the system running optimally while saving the integrator time and money).

Torus Power’s High Current capability and Advanced Automatic Voltage Regulation that the company says will protect against voltage fluctuations, accepting 85V to 135V and automatically shutting down when the voltage exceeds the threshold, then automatically restarting when voltage returns to the normal threshold. Series Mode Surge Suppression protects expensive equipment from power line damage.