Kramer Makes AV over IT Simple at InfoComm 2017

Kramer Electronics Ltd., one of the Pro AV industry’s earliest innovators, continues to lead the way with cutting-edge products and solutions in the converged fields of AV and IT. Kramer has positioned itself as one of the first AV manufacturers to identify the shift of AV towards IT. In doing so, the company adopted an insightful and updated view of the market’s needs and requirements. Kramer’s offerings in this growing market reflect the company’s current strategy of making AV over IT simple.

“Our approach to AV over IT is twofold,” said Raviv Kramer, Deputy CEO at Kramer Electronics. “The first aspect relates to looking at AV in the context of the ownership shift to IT professionals,” he added.


“Today, AV systems must be easily installed, supported and provisioned with the promise of minimal downtime, just like any critical system in the realm of IT,” said Kramer. “We see no difference between an AV application and telephony or email,” he added. “If an AV system goes down, IT needs to identify it and provide support immediately.”


As a pro AV company now serving the IT world, Kramer is taking data security very seriously with a complete offering of secured AV solutions. The company has a wide variety of both proprietary hardware and software-only solutions; all in strict compliance with corporate IT security policies and industry standards.

“The second aspect of our approach is remaining firmly loyal to our traditional pro AV partners, who have been with us on our journey for almost four decades,” said Kramer. “Not only do we understand the AV market, we understand AV people,” he added. 

As part of Kramer’s strategic efforts, this year the company is set to launch Kramer Academy, a platform for partners and customers that will assist them in their transition to IT-related technologies and work methodologies.

Kramer’s portfolio reflects the company’s AV over IT strategy with solutions that make full use of the corporate IP infrastructure. This includes IP-based AV signal switching, distribution, and management products and solutions as well as software and cloud solutions.

Kramer’s InfoComm 2017 showcase will feature the company’s latest IP-based AV offerings for the IT professional:

Kramer Maestro is a single-trigger room automation software solution that enables IT professionals to easily configure, monitor and manage any meeting room scenario. The solution requires minimal end-user intervention which reduces the need for service calls, saving time and resources. Maestro is currently featured in the DIP-31M 4K60 auto switcher and is an optional enhancement for additional Kramer products.

VIAware is Kramer’s software-only solution for secured BYOD wireless presentation and collaboration in Corporate and Education environments. The solution helps increase efficiency and productivity in meetings by providing participants with valuable engagement capabilities, such as editing documents together in real time, sharing any-size file, and turning the main display into a whiteboard.

Kramer Network Virtualized AV Services featuring the Kramer KDS-6 streamers is a highly scalable, cost-effective end-to-end AV solution for streaming and management, suited for diverse applications, including Education, Entertainment, Medical and Military.

Kramer Control is an award-winning cloud-based control and management platform that brings together all of the pro AV elements within the IT world. Kramer announced the platform’s immediate availability on the first day of InfoComm 2017.

Kramer’s new IP-based digital sound processor, the KN-DSP100, is a true game-changer and an industry first. This single-box, plug-and-play solution provides professional DSP capabilities powered by Waves Audio™ and offers simultaneous processing of 64 input channels and distribution of over 1000 outputs over an IP network.

“Our booth at InfoComm will further strengthen Kramer’s position as an industry pioneer in an AV/IT converged world, and I’m happy to say that we have several exciting surprises still to come in 2017,” said Kramer.  

Visit Kramer at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando, June 14th through June 16th at booth 2930.