25 best infocomm’17 products: random attendee’s point of view

The InfoComm 2017 show was impressive in many aspects as always and the team at rAVe has been at the forefront in terms of coverage and in showing the best that was there to see.

If you missed going to it, here is our complete InfoComm 2017 coverage and be sure to check out our best from the show floor.

One of the show attendees was AV Insider Peter Coman – Managing Director – InDesign Technologies, Australia who has over 25+ years experience in the technology industry. To know more about him,check out my interview with him.

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Here is Peter’s list of 25 awesome products showcased in his own words.

Be sure to check out the video,links and let me know your list from the show in the comments below.

25. Legrand .

Probably not the most technology rich product you’ll ever see, however a very practical product for those tricky outdoor power, data and AV installations from Legrand.

24. Hitachi .

This wall light / interactive projector from Hitachi is not yet commercially available, however it’s great to see companies pushing the boundaries and creating seamlessly integrated products.

23. IR T01 .

The Williams Sound TX-75 InfrRed hearing augmentation transmitter is a well known techno-product, but the IR T01 is a little more discreet for those smaller spaces.

22. Yamaha’s VXS .

Yamaha’s VXS is a discreet audio solution. The tiny VXS1ML 10W wall mounted speakers are available in black and white, and can also be recessed with the optional bracket. When paired with the VXS3S powered sub, it offers a complete audio solution for commercial and retail spaces.

21. The Logitech Meetup .

The Logitech Meetup is the latest prosumer product for the increasingly crowded huddle room space. The integrated microphone / speaker / camera offers an impressive super wide 120 degree field of view, and has been designed to work with Skype® for Business, Cisco collaboration applications, and all Logitech Collaboration Program partners such as BlueJeans, BroadSoft, Vidyo and Zoom.

20.  Samsung .

Samsung is always releasing new innovative products, and here are two more. The Samsung ultra wide 32:9 desktop display is for those who can never get enough of desktop real estate. And if that’s not enough, you could always install the sleek 55″ mirror display in the bathroom.

19. The Google Jam Board .

Not as feature rich as the Microsoft Surface Hub or the Cisco Spark Board, however its basic features (and lower cost) will suit many users. The sleek design will see it suit almost any environment, and the 55″ 4K display is sharp and responsive. The digital eraser removes the whiteboard content and magically turns it into digital whiteboard marker dust.

18. Mersive Solstice Pod .

The feature rich Mersive Solstice Pod offers many features including – iOS mirroring support, dual network modes to support guest and corporate / campus users, built-in WAP, remote network configuration, synchronous desktop audio streaming, one click software updates, in a small form factor that can be mounted behind any display.

17. Crestron’s Alexa integration .

These days, the technology curve is clearly driven by the consumer. That means we are going to see traditional AV manufacturers working more closely with companies such as Amazon and Google to provide integrated solutions. From discussions had at the show, these popular voice command devices are currently only able to comprehend 30% of the instructions given, hence there’s plenty of room for improvement over the coming years.

16. Balance Box .

This would have to be one of the best engineered products available. The ability to effortlessly raise and lower heavy displays is amazing! The Balance Box has perfect large interactive displays, allowing users the ability to access all areas of the screen.

15. Learning Glass .

Learning Glass allows lecturers to face the class while writing on the board. Learning Glass is a large edge lit, transparent writing surface that utilises a camera positioned on the opposite side to the academic to capture the teacher and the written content. It then inverts the image (so the content is not back to front) to allow it to be viewed via a large format display, or captured via a recording device.

14. Gridd by Free Axez .

With more and more corporates heading down the ABW path, cable access to isolated workstations become more of a problem. You could install umbilicals everywhere or core drill through the slab into the tenancy below or instead you could just install a modular raised floor system. Possibly the best thing since Lego, Gridd allows you to install and distribute power, data, AV cabling to all parts of the floor without costly building works.

13. AVTEQ Meeting Table .

Exactly what every office needs, a ping pong table complete with a table box! Its a cool, practical, fun table (net, bats and balls option extras…).

12. The Holey Bracket .

This brilliantly engineered solution is aptly named Holey Bracket. This low profile, quick release, cost effective, versatile bracket could potentially get you out of an awkward situation.

11. Panasonic Real Time Tracking and Projection Mapping .

Panasonic had many great products on display, but the ridiculously high speed (circa 2000Hz), real-time tracking and projection mapping projector, capable of continuously tracking and projecting a focused image onto any fast-moving object, was the best of the lot.

10. Ricoh Meeting Manager .

While it may look like just another large interactive display, Ricoh have integrated IBM’s Watson Artificial Intelligence technology to create a meeting management solution that captures an on-the-fly meeting transcript, both written and spoken content.

9. KinectIQ Wireless HDMI Presentation System

This ClickShare style product utilises the video output instead of the USB port to wirelessly transmit video and audio to any display with a KinectIQ receiver. The beauty about this product is that it’s device agnostic and doesn’t require any drivers to be loaded onto your device for it to work, just plug it into video output, press the button and off you go! Up to 255 transmitters can be connected to a single receiver. A docking station is also available to recharge the battery powered dongles / transmitters.

8. Control Envy cloud based control .

Control Envy seems to offer similar services to Australian based ACA Projects (cloud based control system). Monitor, control and analyse anything and everything, all via an app.

7. Bolin Technology Tracking Camera .

This product outperforms all its competition. No need for a PC, lanyards, or standing on pressure mats, the built-in facial recognition tracking is extremely accurate and smooth. The camera comes complete with HDMI and SDI video outputs, but control is limited to RS-232 or RS-422. IP control and POE+ would have been nice. There is definitely room for improvement, but a great camera none the less. This camera is at least twice as expensive as some of the other Chinese manufacturers, but if you’re after a smooth, seamless facial tracking then this is the camera for you.

6. AMX Acendo Core ACR 5100 Collaboration System .

Apart from striking good looks of this product, the Acendo offers one click Sykpe for Business meeting launch, wireless screen sharing, web browsing, room scheduling and control via a touch enabled LCD or keyboard and mouse.

5. AMX Acendo Vibe ACV 5100 Conferencing Soundbar (by JBL) .

AMX’s Acendo, has beautiful styling, colour options and natural textures. The perfect soundbar meant for small meeting spaces.

There are other options available as well, apart from colour and fabric, you can choose to order it with or without a (massively wide) 120-degree FOV integrated USB camera.

4. Leon Horizon Interactive HIFIT soundbar .

When designing a great product there needs to be the perfect blend of form and function. The Interactive FIT range of products from Leon gives you all that, and more!

This product ingeniously integrates small devices such as NUC’s, cameras, transmitters, receivers, etc. into the body of the speaker thus, reducing cabling and clutter, while also allowing easy access to the equipment whenever required.

The soundbar can be customised to match the width and colour of the display or cabinetry, with perfectly matched cut-outs for any camera you choose. The perfect answer for any size meeting space.

3.Sony 1.2mm 4K Crystal LED Video Wall . 

The 32:9 8K x 2K Sony Crystal tiled LED video wall will blow everyone away!
Apart from the sheer size of the display, the sharpness, contrast, vibrant colours and the black blacks were all so impressive. Not the brightest screen you’ll ever come across at 1000 NITS, however it should suit most indoor applications.

2. Bose EdgeMax In-Ceiling Loudspeaker .

This revolutionary in-ceiling speaker must surely change the way you think about this brand!
This in-ceiling speaker performs like a traditional wall mounted wall speaker using a proprietary technology called PhaseGuide from Bose that produces a 75-degree asymmetrical coverage. Available in two horizontal dispersion patterns (90 and 180 degrees), a single speaker is typically capable of replacing up to four tradition in-ceiling speakers, and covering a room approximately 10m x 10m.

1. The Flip-Disc Display from Breakfast .

This is the one that we’ve all been looking forward to – The Flip-Disc Display from Breakfast!
Possibly the MOST analogue product at the entire show! That’s just why it’s so unique. While all the display manufactures are busy creating increasingly higher resolutions, these guys have gone old school and brought back a technology developed in the 60’s.

We’re surrounded by high quality, large format displays everywhere we look, from the motorway, to retail, sporting events, home and even the office. So, it actually makes total sense to buck the trend and move in the opposite direction to the rest of the crowd, and that’s what makes this product so ingenious!
The Flip-Disc display is a modular panel system that’s made up of thousands of tiny metal discs, with different colour on each side. An electromagnet flips individual discs up to 40fps to create (digital or analogue?) signage with ultra-low-resolution images. Great innovation! Well done!


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