Key Digital Signage Solution with a Multiview Matrix Switcher and Compass Control System

The KD-MLV4x2 provides Multiview functionality and seamless switching. This allows installers and users to give any large panel or screen video wall functionality. In full screen mode, the screen will display any of the eight (four HDMI and four VGA) video sources, in quadrant mode this view is all four video sources in equally sized-quadrants, and in multiview mode the option is to choose a primary video source on the top, bottom, left, or right of the screen while still viewing the additional three sources.

KD-MLV4x2 joins a suite of Key Digital IP enabled products that are now Key Digital® App Ready. The engineers at Key Digital have created a simple way for installers and usersto switch inputs and control Key Digital systems as if you were standing in front of the unit – all from your iOS device.Learn more about Key Digital app: KD-App. Demo iOS app can be downloaded from the App Store: Key Digital® App.

  • HDMI Matrix Switching: 4 HDMI/Analog sources to 2 HDMI outputs,
  • independent in full-screen and quadrant modes
  • Seamless Switching: Un-interrupted screen transitions during source selections in full-screen mode or multi-view modes
  • Analog to Digital Video Conversion: Analog video input ports support VGA / DB15 or Component / YPbPr signal types
  • Ultra HD/4K Up-scaling: Outputs independently upscale to Ultra HD/4K
  • in 4K Quadrant mode
  • Multi-View Window Processing: Create & store custom multi-view layouts,
  • recall custom presets in 1080p (2K) Multi-View mode
    • Quadrant Mode (4K or 2K): Independent outputs in four equally-sized windows
    • Multi-View Mode (2K): Linked/mirrored outputs in customized screen layout
  • Image Layering: Stack images with customizable priority settings
  • Window Transparency and Border: View content through each other and choose window bezel width and coloring
  • Watch KD-MLV4x2 Compass Control® Module Demo
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