The Future of Digital Signage for Your Business


Why did Dave, from, visit nearly 200 digital signage companies?


To give our clients options on products and services in creating digital signage for their business, of course!


The Digital Signage Expo

Dave, our other AV Bend guy, spent two days at the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas to discover products, services and content options in order to bring these to Bend’s burgeoning business community. “We’ve been working with Brightsign, one of the industry’s biggest hardware partners when it comes to Digital signage hardware components, hoping to bring the digital signage hardware dealer here to Bend. But we wanted to also find out what else we needed to learn about other digital signage tech at the show,”’ Dave said.

DSE is the world’s largest and longest-running conference and trade show.  The show is exclusively dedicated to showcasing innovative digital communications and interactive technology solutions for customer and employee-facing organizations. And with over 200 businesses represented, Dave had his work cut out for him at the Las Vegas Convention Center.


The Major Takeaways

So, what are the takeaways? Over the next few weeks, we’ll reveal some of the latest in digital signage technology and how nearly everyone can make the move to using digital signage options for their business. Digital signage has been used for years now and many people almost expect to see this kind of signage at the businesses they choose to do business with.

“There are so many options when it comes to digital signage from educating and or attracting clients, to making a decision on a purchase,” Dave added. We have some videos we can share of how digital signage is working for business. These examples include an employee bulletin board, tourism use, an interactive display panel for a trade show booth, and an interactive educational tool for McNary Dam.


Stay Tuned for Video Highlights

Be on the look-out for our videos soon, or request one via email. Maybe you are interested in talking with us to find what options are available for your type of business. Just shoot us an email. We’ll be happy to sit with you and even mock up a few options we’ve seen as popular. Or we can uncover your ideas and start a digital signage plan and option for your business.

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