Jetbuilt Becomes an Edge Preferred Service Provider

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Jetbuilt has joined Edge, formerly USAV, as a Preferred Service Provider (PSP). Jetbuilt has emphasized forging relationships with Edge’s exclusive network of integrators and, in turn, providing access to Jetbuilt’s proposal generation and project management.

Edge’s Preferred Service Provider program fosters strategic alliances with companies offering cutting-edge services and technologies for the professional AV industry. As a Preferred Service Provider, Jetbuilt will provide special pricing for its project proposal and management solution to Edge’s network of integrators. Nearly a decade ago, Jetbuilt was established to accelerate projects and simplify collaboration for AV professionals. Jetbuilt has evolved from a simple sales tool to an end-to-end project solution. Today, Jetbuilt provides transcendent resources to build, sell and manage projects quickly and efficiently.

“We are excited to extend Jetbuilt’s power and efficiency to Edge’s network of integrators,” says Paul Dexter, chief executive officer for Jetbuilt. “Jetbuilt is invested in providing integrators with the resources and tools to accelerate their businesses. We are committed to forging relationships with integrators as our Jetbuilt community grows. We look forward to collaborating alongside Edge’s network of integrators and strongly believe they will greatly succeed in working with Jetbuilt.”

“I am pleased to announce that Jetbuilt has joined our elite network of partners and brings many unique features that will help integrators save time and money,” confirms Patrick Whipkey, Vice President of Edge. “We pride ourselves on having the best-in-breed partners, and Jetbuilt stood out as one of those partners. We are excited to have them on board.”

Recently, Jetbuilt has introduced new modules and features to create a stronger resource to enable integrators to accelerate their businesses through standardised and streamlined processes. Jetbuilt’s latest module, Service, allows the end user to scan a QR code on the back of a malfunctioning item, creating a service case with a flag to contact the client for additional details and schedule service. The latest feature, Project Registration, provides designers and dealers access to the timeliest product advice, pricing and incentives based on manufacturer product expertise and programs while sharing relevant project information with manufacturers. Notably, system drawings can be created by AVDL, another Preferred Service Provider, within Jetbuilt’s platform. Jetbuilt provides the tools to build, sell, and manage projects while empowering real-time communication across various roles.