Jamo Adds New Outdoor Speaker Collection

Jamo is pleased to announce a collection of all-weather speakers designed to provide balanced, natural sound to any outdoor living environment. The collection is comprised of landscape and rock speakers, wall-mounted speakers and amplifiers — all with 70/100-volt compatibility and low impedance capability for maximum installation flexibility in residential or commercial spaces.

The new Jamo Landscape speakers provide dynamic audio performances with low impedance and 70-volt installation options, making them an ideal solution for residential or commercial outdoor environments. The JL-4 full-range landscape satellites offer an ultra-compact design and all-weather construction for maximum durability and impact resistance. The accompanying JL-10SW half-burial subwoofer installs easily and delivers low frequency extension and output. Their unique charcoal gray finish allows them to become nearly invisible in modern landscapes.

New Jamo rock speakers and rock subwoofer are voice matched to the landscape system and offer alternate ways for high-quality, stealth audio in outdoor living spaces. The rock speakers and rock subwoofer (JR-4, JR-5, JR-6 and JR-8SW) are available in two finishes — granite and sandstone.

The new Jamo surface mount Indoor/Outdoor (I/O) two-way speakers are voiced to match their box home theater and architectural counterparts but ready for use outdoors with weatherproof cabinets and drivers. The I/O speakers are available in black or white.

The JDA-500 Jamo Amplifier is designed with the Jamo outdoor speaker collection in mind to optimize performance, as well as provide DSP presets for any Jamo speaker system. The powerful DSP suite provides full customization of I/O routing, EQ, limiting and system tuning. The 500W JDA-500 can be configured to support 70-volt or low impedance installations and offers 2/3/4 channel configurations.