iRoom Announces New Color Options for iTop Docking Stations

iRoom iTop Mounting Color OptionsiRoom announced four new color options for its iTop on-wall and tabletop docking stations. iTop OnWall and iTop Tabletop, made from aluminum and glass materials that match the Apple design, are now available in 14 color combinations. The two glass bezel selections, black or white, and seven aluminum base color options, green (new), blue (new), silver, rose, apricot, gold and black, total 14 combinations.

iRoom says iTop’s adjustable, sliding charging connector fits all current iPad models and is safe, flexible and purposeful for the entire family or multiple business users.

The iTop docking stations also feature a built-in Dynamic Sensor Package for room temperature, humidity, light and air quality (CO2) for energy and health-conscious consumers. The iRoom iPad dashboard gives the user sensor status information with quick access. Both models are designed for simple stand-alone IP control or third-party control systems integration. The iTop has a built-in control processor with a 6-Button Control Keypad that works independently of the iPad. It includes a lightning or USB-C port charging connection.