Hitachi Introduces Its First 3,500 Lumen LED Projector

Hitachi America just launched the LP-WU3500, a 3,500-lumen, WUXGA (1920×1200) LED projector. The High Lumen Density (HLD) technology works by channeling blue LED light through a phosphor rod, where it is discharged as bright green light. Working in tandem with high brightness red and blue LED lights, it achieves maximum brightness and a 30,000:1 contrast ratio. LED technology delivers enhanced image quality with a wider color gamut which results better color.

Hitachi says the LP-WU3500 operates at a much lower noise level than other projectors thus they are aiming it for use in a classrooms, conference rooms, art galleries, museums and digital signage. The dust resistant structure applied to the optical engine reduces the effect of dust and particles in the air and enables the projector to be used in an array of environments without overheating and creating unnecessary noise.

Here are the details: