Hiperwall Intros New “Affordable” Videowall Software

Hiperwall today is unveiling the next generation Hiperwall Premium Suite video wall management software. Hiperwall Premium Suite does not require expensive proprietary hardware, making it more cost-effective and budget friendly.  The Suite contains the software components considered necessary to set up a video wall or a distributed dynamic visualization system.

The Hiperwall solution features software with a simpler user interface designed for non-technical users which does not require specialized servers or switches. This helps the customer to reduce costs, complexity and power usage while providing the greatest configuration flexibility. The software features an ultra-high resolution display capability with scalable size that can support a combination of objects including still images up to 1GB resolution, HD and UHD videos and streaming content and PC applications. Hiperwall says its software enables enabling the connection of unlimited number of sources via an Ethernet network to an unlimited number of displays in a video wall. It’s also expandable so a user can start small and expand later.

The user can also place content anywhere on local or remote video walls. Sizing the content within the video wall via drag-and-drop, and adding transparency, rotation or shading is simple and intuitive. When making changes on the user interface, the same thing happens on the video wall with no lag.

The  company says that Hiperwall Premium Suite software offers the following features that make it more cost-effective:

  • Hiperwall is now fault tolerant delivering full active-active fault tolerance capability at a price that was until now out of range except for the most mission critical video wall operations.
  • Hiperwall Premium Suite’s software-only platform will work with future technology and hardware advancements. A customer can update or enlarge their existing video wall with Hiperwall’s software upgrades and off-the-shelf hardware.
  • There is no limit to the source resolution customers can display or the number of screens they can use for high resolution output. Hiperwall Premium Suite is the only software product that can display high-resolution content, even gigapixel content, at a resolution of more than one billion pixels.

Here are the details.