Video Window Debuts Video Window Immersive for 21:9 and Even 48:9 Videoconferencing

Video Window Debuts Video Window Immersive for 21 9 and Even 48 9 Videoconferencing

Video Window just launched a new feature dubbed Video Window Immersive – adding 4k video and compatibility with the 21:9 aspect ratio and display sizes from 81” to 105”. Video Window claims to be the first video UCC provider to support both 16:9 landscape and 9:16 portrait immersive support. In addition to 21:9 support, Video Window can support any ultrawide aspect ratio a customer wants to implement with the UI automatically adapting the display that is connected with no additional configuration requirements. This feature is aimed at projector and video wall installations. For example, a client could install three 16:9 screens and then use three Epson EB-770Fi projectors, resulting in a 180-degree field of view webcam achieving a 48:9 aspect ratio on a total 300” screen canvas.

Here’s a video explaining the new feature:


Video Window partnered with iiyama to bundle it including:

  • iiyama 105” ultrawide touch display – PROLITE TE10518UWI-B1AG
  • iiyama 5k OPS computer – OPC51201CC-1
  • iiyama 180 degree field of view webcam – UC CAM180UM-1
  • 1 year Video Window Office enterprise license (incl 4k and all features)