Microsoft Surface Hub Gets Stormboard Whiteboard Capability

Stormboard today released a major upgrade to enable the first and only real-time drawing capability between multiple Surface Hubs. Teams in the same room or remotely on their own devices can now draw together on the same shared whiteboard.

Stormboard users could always collaborate in real-time but the sketching component was limited to one user at one time. This release lets unlimited users in unlimited locations on any device draw together.

Because the Surface Hub pens have an identity (the only device on the market that does) Stormboard takes advantage many Surface Hub specific features including:

  • Full pen and touch support with the pen used for creation and drawing and your fingers used for navigation.
  • Multiple pen support with independent drawing tools for each pen. For example, this allows one user to draw with a thin blue line while the other is drawing a big red circle on the diagram on the same Surface Hub.
  • Users can erase individual items on the whiteboard by simply using the opposite end of the pen to erase.
  • Users can use the NFC reader on the Surface Hub to instantly log into their Stormboard account rather than typing their password in front of a room of people on an 84” touchscreen.

Additional features of this major upgrade available on all devices include:

  • Drawing between an unlimited number of devices, users and locations.
  • Easy to use due to the ultra-minimal interface.
  • Fully cross-platform — Works on any modern web browser, tablet or natively on the Microsoft Surface Hub.
  • Infinite whiteboard canvas so you never run out of space.
  • Multiple drawing tools including eraser, lines, arrows, circles, squares and polygons.
  • Sketching on images so you can draw on and markup a screenshot, architectural diagram or the latest prototype of your product.
  • Object selection and moving so you can move things around after they have been created.
  • Full zoom in and out and a dynamic view finder so you know where you are and can navigate the unlimited space.
  • Multiple whiteboards in a single collaborative session so you can keep your ideas organized.
  • Saved whiteboards so you can continue where you left off or archive for future reference.
  • Built-in undo to fix any mistakes you’ve made.
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Here are the details.