Why Haven’t You Purchased an MS-TestPro for Your Installers?


Every AV integrator is using HDBaseT to route signals in systems today. You may not be using exclusively HDBaseT, but you’re using it.

And, what’s the one-and-only drawback to using HDBaseT? Compatibility.

So, for example, you can’t use an Extron transmitter with a Gefen receiver. And, likewise, you can’t use a Crestron matrix with AMX HDBaseT modules. Yet, all of them are using — and promoting HDBaseT as a signal routing standard.

Back in the old-days of RGBHV signals, troubleshooting was easier as, if Red, for example, was missing, we knew the problem was likely with the cable carrying the red signal. But, with HDBaseT, it’s simplifying signage distribution by using CATx cable to send signals so, when there’s a problem with connectivity, it’s not as simple to troubleshoot. In many cases, everything is connected and should be working but, the signal isn’t making it to the display. Or, the audio isn’t working correctly.

Enter the solution – from Media Solutions, coincidentally, it’s called the MS-TestPro. This is THE HDBaseT test tool and anyone using HDBaseT (the integrator and the customer with multiple HDBaseT rooms) should get one. And, not only does it allow for system testing, but Media Solutions, the inventors of the MS-TestPro, also included a systems certification mode too – for peace of mind after system installation is complete.

MS-TestPro, the HDBaseT tester, allows for field testing of HDBaseT based communications systems and cabling. It’s built in HDMI Pattern Generator, link monitoring, logging, and link diagnostics capabilities that allows for quick (and accurate) configuration analysis and troubleshooting of all your HDBaseT ports and signals. That means that you can ensure consistent AV signal quality and guarantee interoperability with any HDBaseT device before you complete the installation. Check out this video on how it works:

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The MS-TestPro itself consists of four parts – the tester itself, a transmitter model, a receiver module and a remote unity adapter. This way, you can set the source compatibility, the display’s ability to accept HDBaseT, and either side of the cabling. This allows you to quickly isolate which part of the system is causing signal inoperability.

And, with systems quickly moving to 4K resolution, testing HDBaseT devices will be more important than ever. As the signal bandwidth and speed of 4K sources is much more critical, every part of a system more sensitive to ambient influences – signal interferences, connector performance, termination quality, CATx cable specs, etc. And, the MS-TestPro is 4K-ready. It already works for testing HDBaseT signal routing of 4K UHD and DCI standards.

You can buy it here – it only takes four minutes.

This is a no-brainer for EVERY AV Integrator – they should have at least one of them for all their install crews. And, if you’re a tech manager who’s decided on corporate-wide or facility-wide HDBaseT adoption for signal routing, you should invest in one, too! It’ll at least triple troubleshooting time and identify the one piece of incompatible gear.

Two companies in North America distribute their products: Pacific Radio Electronics and Anixter Canada Inc.