Torus Power Showcases Full Lineup of Isolation Transformers at CEDIA

 Torus Power will showcase its lineup of isolation transformers in booth #4749 at the San Diego Convention Center during CEDIA, Sept. 7-9, 2017. 

Designed to power, protect and significantly improve the quality and performance of electronic systems installations large and small, Torus Power’s toroidal isolation transformers are used in high-performance applications where the objective is to obtain the highest-quality audio and image fidelity possible. Product lines on display during CEDIA include the TOT Series, including the award-winning TOT AVR, the AVR and AVR2 series, Wall Mount (WM) isolation transformers and the RM Series. Torus says its isolation transformers provide superior isolation, voltage regulation at the source, and outstanding protection against power dips, sags and surges, in any circumstance.

High-end audio visual and control system equipment connected to Torus Power isolation transformers receive a consistent supply of isolated, pure, stable power, which reduces voltage line noise to produce crystal clear sound and video. In addition, delicate components are protected from power fluctuations which can harm the equipment.

Utilizing Plitron’s toroidal technologies, Torus Power isolation transformers decouple AV components from the main electrical grid to properly protect connected equipment and boast Series Mode surge suppression, and narrow bandwidth technology to filter noise and enhance performance. Many of Torus Power models feature enhanced Ethernet (IP) control and monitoring functionality in addition to remote reboots, automated scheduling options and individually addressable outlet zones (up to five individual zones in 15-amp and 20-amp models and up to eight individual zones in 60- and 100-amp models). Wall-mounted versions allow for greater flexibility in projects with dedicated wiring.

In select models, including the TOT AVR, AVR and AVR2 lines, Automatic Voltage Regulation technology addresses voltage sags, power line surges and brownouts that can damage delicate AV components and shorten equipment life. AVR units continuously monitor incoming voltage for high- or low-voltage conditions and seamlessly trigger compensating circuitry instantaneously, helping the isolation transformer to deliver clean, consistent power regardless of electrical grid conditions for the cleanest audio signal and highest image fidelity in any application.