Haivision Debuts CoolSign 5

Haivision_CoolSign-0612Haivision today announced CoolSign 5.0, the latest version of its digital signage system. CoolSign 5.0 brings IP video to digital signage by integrating with Haivision’s Furnace within the CoolSign player. CoolSign claims 5.0 is the only digital signage solution for a facility that can incorporate broadcast content without copy risk — a critical requirement of any content provider. Encrypted live HD channels can be displayed as a region or full screen on any player. The CoolSign player can also access Internet-based RTMP streams, assuring that even over a global network, any player can access live HD content.
CoolSign 5.0 will feature a new, simplified Web-based management interface to upload, manage and distribute content from various devices, including iPad/iPhone, Windows and Android mobile devices. The intuitive, drag-and-drop Web interface takes advantage of touch-screen devices, making it easy for anyone from retail store managers to office administrators to add local content into digital signage carrying the corporate brand.
CoolSign 5.0 will be released this fall but here are the specs: http://www.haivision.com/products/coolsign