Haivision Buys LightFlow Media Technologies

HaiVision Lightflow Media TechnologiesHaivision just announced the acquisition of a company you’ve probably never heard of but have certainly seen its work: LightFlow Media Technologies. This Haivision Lightflow Media acquisition adds artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies to Haivision’s portfolio for content-aware video encoding, content indexing and object detection, as well as optimization of video contribution, distribution and delivery for low-latency live feeds or video on-demand. LightFlow is the technology Netflix uses to deliver TV content to various set-top boxes.

LightFlow’s technology suite also gives Haivision a media cloud architecture, a foundation to accelerate the company’s cloud strategy of creating an ecosystem of modular video streaming and management technologies. The LightFlow team also led the development of the DASH.js implementation that includes low-latency CMAF support, which adds to Haivision’s overall market leadership with the SRT open source initiative and the development of the Haivision SRT Hub intelligent cloud media routing platform.

The LightFlow team, based in Madrid Spain, now augments Haivision’s organization, which is headquartered in Montreal, with additional R&D offices in Portland, Chicago, Austin and Hamburg. Haivision is here and LightFlow is here.