Green Gadget Gifts that Make You Question Why

With this year’s holidays upon us it is easy to try to find that special quirky gift that the tech guru in your life might enjoy. Being the eco-friendly person you are, however, might lead you to some questionable choices that the receiver might be concerned for your mental state. I came across these while doing some shopping “for a friend” myself and thought that some of these were worthy of sharing.

Merkury Innovations can provide you the latest in loudspeaker technology at a fraction of the cost. You can order their new Universal DIY Loudspeakers for only $15! This plug-n-play cardboard design will be sure to match any décor or look good on your client’s desk as a gift option to say thank you for their business. You could also upscale it for $20 and get the Eco Boombox made from unused packaging that otherwise would have been tossed into the local landfill.

Concerned about e-waste? Now you can save that old PC or AV component from the trash heap or spare some child labor in a third world country from the toxic smelting plants by having it turned into Circuit Board Jewelry. Hop on over to Etsy to find the latest fashion in geek chic accessories including cuff links, rings, watch bands and more!

Don’t want to disturb your neighbor with the latest in eco-friendly music? Then check out Rain’s Thinksound reclaimed wood ear buds for only $89. It’s the environmentally friendly way to have your kids listen to their music. These noise-canceling ear buds give you high quality sound at a fraction of the cost of comparable items. Available in rich wood tones of chocolate or cherry, these will make your kids be the envy of their friends.

Tired of having old computers pile up in your house and not know what to do with them? Recompute has the answer for you and your family. You might want to even consider your office as well. This desktop running Windows OS uses is created using sustainable practices and has a completely 100 percent shell made of corrugated cardboard. The hard drive (500 GB with 4GB RAM) are swappable components, meaning you have upgrade rather than tossing the whole device. And for starting at a mere $599, it’s a steal.

Want your little ones to understand the world of a sustainable eco system? Plan Toys has a great product for them – Eco Town. It includes imaginary solar panels, recycling facilities, wind turbines and a charging station for their electric Little Tykes car. Made from organic rubber wood and other non-toxic materials it will surely last even the most rambunctious youngsters and at only $200 is far less expensive and more eco-friendly than that puppy you were planning.

When ever there is a trade show you inevitably wind up with a suitcase full of USB flash drives. ATP has developed EarthDrive, the first 100 percent recyclable USB flash drive. It uses a mix of plant-based bio degradable plastics to accomplish the task. The drive is waterproof and built to last about 10 years providing between 1GB and 16GB of storage space. For the data security conscious it enables password protection. The best part is they company donates a portion of the sale price ($16-70) to American Forests, a not-for-profit that plants trees in deforested areas around the world.

Tired of higher electric bills because of vampire power drain from all of your family’s gadgets? Put Volt-star’s Eco Charger in their stockings. It is sure to be a hit! This charger simply shuts off when the device has reached full charge. There is an Apple version too!

Hopefully these gadgets with bring some smiles and chuckles to your holidays and help save the environment, even if just a little, in the new year.