Extron MGP 464 Allows Any Number of Picture-in-Picture

The Extron MGP 464 lets you create an almost infinite number of picture-in-picture arrays. Each window can display just about any video source, from composite video to HDTV and computer-video, analog or DVI.
The MGP 464 features four fully configurable inputs for a wide range of video sources, from standard definition video to HDTV and high resolution computer-video. There is also a unique Virtual Video Input panel that lets you integrate up to 15 composite video sources, or a combination of composite video, S-video, and component video signals. The MGP 464 DI also gives you the option of incorporating DVI-D digital sources.

This unit has an internal 19×4 matrix switcher that lets you direct any of the available input signal sources to any, or all, of the four on-screen windows.

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