IVT 600 — The Tool Every Installer Needs

JDSU has a new network installation meter, the IVT-600, and a new software management tool called Plan-Um AP (advanced planning). These are mostly home networking tools, but they are also useful for small-scale networks, and they are designed to help with quick deployment of broadband, such as VoIP over FTTx and digital cable networks as well as high-bandwidth applications such as AP over IP, HDTV and gaming.
The IVT-600 is a networking installation meter that handles a full range of physical wiring tests for IP-based voice, video and data services. The installer can analyze “test, talk and trace” characteristics from a single unit.

JDSU’s Plan-Um AP is a software program that lets installers set up simple graphical “blueprints” to plan and maintain networks. The software management tool allows you to configure network floor plans, diagram and label cabling routes, and schedule and store data generated from wiring certification tests, and it provides documentation and reporting as well.