Da-Lite Adds Wide Angle Coatings to Rear Projection Screens. Introduces 2.35 Cinemascope Sizes

Along with new 92- and 106-inch HD screens, Da-Lite Screen Company expanded the company’s Polacoat line of optical coatings with the addition of DA-100 WA and DA-075 WA. These are specifically designed for applications using high-lumen projectors with short throw lenses — the coatings provide wider half-gain angles than traditional coatings, reducing hot-spotting.
DA-100WA is a neutral gray 1.0 gain wide angle coating, and DA-075WA is a 0.75 gain neutral gray coating. Either coating is available on any Da-Plex screen.

Da-Lite also has new 2.35 Cinemascope sizes. The 2.35:1 Cinemascope sizes are offered for five projection screens. The standard 2.35:1 size is available in the Da-Snap and Imager fixed frame screen models in diagonals from 96” to 138” with front, rear and micro perforated fabrics. Masking from a native 2.35:1 to 16:9 is now available for the Pro-Imager, Dual Masking and Tensioned Dual Masking Electrol.
The Pro-Imager, by the way, is a motorized masking frame that fits over a fixed frame screen to provide properly masked images. The Dual Masking and Tensioned Dual Masking models are ceiling-recessed, electrically operated projection screens with native 2.35:1 and masks to 16:9.