Altinex Announces RF Adapter

Altinex’s AC101-202 is an RF Adapter designed for wireless communication between the ALTINEX MT101-151 MultiTasker LCD front panel and any computer/controller using standard RS-232 communication software. The AC101-202 transmits and receives RS-232 data. Wireless communication can be conducted from any PC, and it allows control to be changed from one computer to another by moving the AC101-202.

The AC101-202 has a 4-digit RF identification number to accommodate situations where several MultiTaskers are in use. A single AC101-202 can be used to control several MultiTaskers with the same ID, or several AC101-202s, and their accompanying MultiTaskers can be assigned their own unique IDs for independent and simultaneous control. The RF ID is programmable through the RS-232 connection and may be changed on-the-fly as required to communicate with any MultiTasker.

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