Better Marketing: Serve the User, Don’t Pander to Him

shareyourstory-0813Shiny things get our attention, but usually more as a distraction than as a valuable use of our time. Marketing, it seems, often leans towards this bent with the promise of “better, faster, cheaper.” But what if the point of marketing was for serving the user instead of just pandering to the user?

Two articles are must-reads for manufacturers and vendors in the house of worship market: “TRENDS: Repair Equipment, Repair the Breach” and “FUTURE: Turning Users Into Heroes” — both posted here on rAVe. The church market is looking for more than what’s largely being offered (promoted) to it. If you want short term credibility and long-term success, then make the switch to serve them instead of preaching at them. I know, this might sound ironic since it’s churches, but the truth is abundantly clear: People love good stories. I find it very interesting that Jesus Christ himself only ever told stories when he taught in public. It should come as no surprise to us — especially to those of us in a first-world country saturated with media. People love stories and they’ll remember the stories long after they’ve forgotten the facts.

If you’re serious about long-term viability and sustained success in the house of worship market, you will need to change and stop speaking at churches and instead converse with them. And, when possible, let them do the talking on your behalf.