dnp denmark unveils dynamic portfolio at InfoComm 2013

dnp_logo_200dnp denmark will showcase a wide range of latest innovations from its product portfolio at InfoComm 2013 (Orange Convention Center, Orlando, June 12-14, Booth #2858) — as well as some new generation versions of existing classics.

In terms of scale, one of the show highlights will be a 170” Supernova Flex Classic – a preview of a large sized Classic that the company will introduce later in the year. This will be accompanied by a fourth generation 100” Supernova Flex, a 165” Supernova Infinity with 23-23 high gain screen material and a 80” Supernova Mobile.

In addition the company will show the suite of products that captivated audiences at the European ISE Show earlier in the year. These include the InvisiBezel, a 110” Supernova Blade and 92” Supernova STS.

The second generation 23-23 high gain material will be exposed to harsh show lighting, offering a compelling demonstration of dnp’s optical screen technology in real-world conditions.

“This second generation Supernova HG23 high-gain film features none of the optical anomalies typically associated with high gain screens,” says US Sales and Marketing Manager Jesse Walsh. “In fact its ½-gain horizontal viewing angle is the best in the industry. With a gain of 2.3, the HG23 film is designed to provide the same optical performance as Supernova’s 08-85 ISF Certified film, while offering the economy of less required projected lumens.”

The fourth generation retractable dnp Supernova Flex motorised screen, featuring ISF Certified 08-85 screen material, will also be on display. The improved Supernova Flex features a new controller, new motor and several mechanical improvements.

Supernova Blade is a ultra-thin frameless version of the award-winning dnp series. Meeting modern demands for wider, flatter screens, the dnp Supernova Blade is only 3mm thick and available in 100”, 110” and 120” displays (in 16: 9 aspect ratio).The Supernova Blade, which uses ISF-certified Supernova 08-85 screen material, can be installed in two ways: either wall-mounted — when it gives the effect of a ‘window on the world’ — or suspended from the ceiling, when it appears to be floating in mid-air. In retail situations, where every square meter counts, the new slim-line screen also helps save space. A 110” Supernova Blade will be on display.

For more than 20-years dnp denmark has used its optical screen technology to boost the quality of projected images. Now the same optical know-how has been implemented to give LCD multi-screen images a facelift.

The visible gap between multiple LCD panel video walls is a classic problem with multi-screen displays. Even with so-called ‘super-narrow bezel’ panels, the gap between the screens is usually around 5mm. dnp denmark has created the InvisiBezel cover to solve this gap issue.

Compatible with all leading LCD manufacturers including Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic and NEC, InvisiBezel is an optical front cover that can be mounted on top of standard LCD panels. The edges consist of prisms that optically stretch the pixels at the edge of the LCD panel in such a way as to conceal the bezel. As a result, InvisiBezel provides a near-seamless viewing experience while at the same time protecting the panels from scratches.

At InfoComm, dnp denmark will demonstrate the system via a 2 x 2 display of 46” LCD panels.

Finally, dnp will show the new Supernova STS. This is a unique front projection screen with a built-in Fresnel lens structure – an optical technology that is used to focus projected light and pass it on straight towards the viewers. This groundbreaking new screen optimises the output of Ultra-Short-Throw-projectors, and in so doing, opens up a wealth of new display opportunities.

dnp Supernova STS performs superbly in situations where the projector is mounted directly on the back wall (or on a short projector-arm), projecting onto the screen from a steep angle. This ultra-compact installation is the perfect choice for situations where space is limited and/or the projector cannot be ceiling mounted ¬— such as in a classroom, a small meeting room or in a living room.

In addition to its own showcase, dnp will be widely represented elsewhere at InfoComm. Products can be seen on other dnp partner booths, as follows:

Digital Projection International #1543:
Nine Supernova One and Supernova Infinity Screens in sizes from 84”-155”

Rp Visual Solutions #2933:
A large 180” dnp rear projection Zenith Screen

Vivitek Corporation #3980/4688:
The new Supernova STS Screen – 95”

The TFWM – Technologies for worship magazine pavilion #6181:
A large 220” Supernova Infinity Screen with high gain 23-23 material