Data transfer rate is also a criterion when evaluating a 4K Ultra HD digital signage player

4K Ultra HD technology delivers stunning life-like image on a larger display, making it more and more frequently utilized in all business segments, such as retail, hospitality or public services, in order to attract consumers with impressive video and graphics. To smoothly play such heavy-duty videos, a powerful player is an essential investment. However, the criteria to evaluate the power of a player should cover all aspects, instead of only graphics capability on the processor. That is, data transfer rate should be considered as well. Higher-bandwidth data transfer interfaces between CPU, GPU, memory, display and storage devices are required to prevent video playback from stuttering or frequently buffering.

4K Support in Both Graphics Processing Capability and Data Transmission

To address such a challenge mentioned above, Quanmax launches a brand-new digital signage player, named QDSP-7000 Series. First of all, powered by Intel® Skylake / Kaby Lake ULT processors with Intel® HD Graphics 520 /620 integrated GPU inside, it has sufficient processing and graphics capability to deal with 4K videos. As for data transmission, it is equipped with several next-generation interfaces, including two DDR4 SO-DIMM memory sockets, one HDMI2.0 video output port and one 2.5″ SATA3.0 HDD / SSD Slot. All of them have higher bandwidth and can double the data rate in comparison with previous-generation ones. Data transmission will not be a problem anymore when a 4K video file is captured from a storage device, then transferred to CPU, GPU along with memory for processing, and finally output to display.

Storage and Functionality Expansion

QDSP-7000 Series reserves space for one mPCIe socket and one M.2 Key B socket. Especially, M.2 socket is a highly-integrated expansion interface and allows users to add extra SSD memory space or expand possible functionality, such as Wi-Fi, WiGig, Bluetooth, 3G/4G, NFC, GPS, TV tuner.

Fanless, Ventless and Suitable for Outdoor Applications

In many scenarios, digital displays are deployed outdoors. Sand and dust can pose a major threat to the systems. Even though the players are installed within a custom cabinet or something alike, dust may invade through any possible gap. Dust accumulation will then clog the fan or reduce heat dissipation efficiency from sensitive components. QDSP-7000 Series is powered by an ultra low-power Intel® ULT Series processor under fanless architecture and enclosed within a ventless aluminum chassis, making it an ideal platform for outdoor digital signage applications and even for 24/7 operation.