The Daily Raff: ISE 2023 Day 1 Thoughts

steph beckett ise 2023 featured

Hello from ISE 2023! It’s Day One of the show, and we’re feeling great! I love Barcelona so much, and I’m so thrilled to be back with all my #AVtweeps.

Let’s first talk about the name of this column. Known previously as “Steph Says,” these columns are a giant list of random thoughts and notions I have on the show floor. Things I’m noticing, things I want you to see and trends I am catching onto. But once Gary rebranded his trade show newsletter to “The Daily Riff” (you can subscribe here), it only made sense for me to call my trade show column series “The Daily Raff.” Because together, Gary and I really are the riff-raff of the trade show floor.

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get to what you’ve been waiting for. A few of my favorite things from the show floor:

This brand-new display from LG was behind a curtain during setup, and it intrigued the entire rAVe team. We all had guesses about what we thought it would be. I was wrong — but take a look below:

I also took the liberty of checking out the specs — .78mm pixel pitch! Absolutely insane. My tweet doesn’t do it justice.

logitech zone vibe

The Logitech Zone Vibe headset in the best color — rose.

Next up, I really loved getting to see and get my hands on Logitech’s Zone Vibe headphones (here is the story about them we published back in September). This may sound ridiculous, but personal collaboration products that have a little razzle-dazzle go a really long way for me. Not only do I want the products at my desk to work and work well, but I also want them to be aesthetically pleasing. I know what you’re thinking, and I don’t care. The rose Zone Vibe headphones are great, and I’ll probably buy them and wear them at my matching pink desk.

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My final thought for the day is about a trend I’ve been noticing on the show floor: Sustainability. Samsung was the first company I noticed this with. The outside of its stand was covered in information about its efforts to use recycled materials to make its products. (I haven’t seen the inside of Samsung’s stand yet because the company is doing tours and product viewings by appointment only. Apparently, this is always like this at ISE, I just always forget.)

The other company really pushing sustainability at the show is Sharp/NEC. Check out its stand — it’s built in all recyclable materials. Even the rugs, the company says it will reuse. I’m really excited about efforts like this because trade shows tend to be extremely wasteful. I really hope we’ll continue to see more of this.

sharp nec stand ise 2023

Sharp/NEC’s sustainable stand at ISE 2023.

Oh yeah, and you probably want to see the direct-view LED control room setup on Sharp/NEC’s stand too, so here:

Sharp/NEC's direct-view LED control room solution at ISE 2023

Sharp/NEC’s direct-view LED control room solution at ISE 2023.

That’s it from me today! I’ll be seeing you all tomorrow. Stay tuned for my next piece tomorrow, Feb. 1!