Contemporary Research to Debut ATSC-SDI 4 Tuner and ICC1-IRX TV Controller at InfoComm

ATSC-SDI-4-Front-300x81-0515Contemporary Research (CR) will introduce two new products at InfoComm: the ATSC-SDI 4 Tuner and the ICC1-IRX TV Controller.

The ATSC-SDI 4 is the newest addition to CR’s successful line of HDTV Tuners. They are marketing it as the first “cost-effective” HDTV demodulator that features onboard ASI and HD-SDI ports, as well as MPEG2 and MPEG4 decoding. The integral HD-SDI output allows inclusion of 708/608 captioning, choice of AES stereo or AC-3 audio, and scaled output set to a constant 1080p, 1080i, 720p, or 480i resolution. The ASI port outputs the full MPEG stream, including all programs, audio options and data at native resolutions. A professional HDTV tuner, the ATSC-SDI 4 features onboard Web pages for control, setup and monitoring and is designed for broadcast integration.

The ICC1-IRX is the newest product in the CR Display Express RF display control line. This TV controller adds a direct Xantech CSM1 power sensor input, allowing absolute power control for TVs that don’t have discrete power commands.

CR’s new line of dual channel QMOD HDTV Modulators/IPTV Encoders will soon add full digital RF/IPTV convergence, enabling MPEG2 and MPEG4 /H2.64 encoding. In addition to two-channel encoding for RF or IPTV, the encoder can offer split operation — one source can be output as a full HD MPEG2 RF channel, as well as a lower bitrate MPEG4 stream for IPTV. This feature will be available by the end of Q3 and will be easily updated using the USB port on the front panel.  All the new QMODs feature 2-channel operation, AC3 Audio, SAP audio and full hardware scaling.

The ATSC-SDI 4 HDTV Tuner is available now for $1,540 and the ICC1-IRX will be available in July for $355 and both are here.