NSC Announces Xantech TV Director App for Controlling ACM, VoIP Systems

Nortek Security & Control LLC announced the Xantech TV Director App Monday. The app, made for controlling the Xantech Advanced Control Module (ACM) and Premium 4K Video over IP (VIP) system, requires little to no setup or configuration. It also offers a way to deliver intuitive source control without a dedicated control system’s added cost.

The Xantech 4K Video Over IP (VIP) product is designed to distribute HDMI over a 1G network that is both simple to install and manage, according to NSC. Using lossless compression and near-zero latency, this suite of products supports 4K Ultra HD HDMI along with audio, HDR, IR and RS-232 for AV distribution. The product utilizes a drag-and-drop experience and combines it with live snapshots that let users switch what sources are being directed to each display.

According to both companies, the new Xantech TV Director App makes setup quicker. Once installed on an iOS or Android device, the Xantech TV Director automatically detects the installed VIP system. Designed for both residential, pro/commercial and enterprise customers, users can manage any size VIP system along with video walls.

The Xantech TV Director App allows users to:

  • See the current content on sources and displays
  • Drag the source image to the desired display
  • Customize the user interface
  • Select the video wall source with the video preview
  • Access the ACM web interface module for configuration and control of the Xantech VIP system

The app is available in the Apple App Store or via Google Play.