Here’s the Lowdown on ZeeVee’s Product Offerings for Streaming AV-over-IP

ZeeVee zyper

As streaming video explodes, ZeeVee is reminding the market of its AV-over-IP capabilities with streaming. The company’s streaming product offerings include the H.264 Media Module (quad encoder blade) for the HDbridge 3000 encoder, ZyPerMX2 and ZyPerMX4 H.264 encoder appliances, STBi3 Set Top Box and the ZyPerMX Player (EPG).

  • H.264 Media Module for HDbridge 3000: The H.264 Media Module can be hot-swapped into the HDbridge 3000’s chassis, providing a way to deliver four channels of H.264 (MPEG-4) streaming. The modular HDbridge 3000 encoder can also be populated with additional blades/modules that can perform RF modulation and MPEG-2 streaming. HDbridge 3000’s built-in management software allows users to set up/manage channels and content, including DIRECTV, from anywhere on the network. Select media modules offer an extra channel, called ZvShow, that enable the looping of customized content.
  • ZyPerMX2 and ZyPerMX4 Encoders: The ZyPerMX2 and ZyPerMX4 can stream up to two or four sources of multiple streaming formats simultaneously over IP networks and expand the range of devices each channel can support. They also support HLS, RTP, UDP and RTMP — the most-used protocols for livestreaming on sites such as Facebook Live, YouTube Live and others. This protocol support extends the ways customers can use ZeeVee products for streaming live content and gives them the freedom to choose the distribution method — direct or via a CDN. The ZyPerMX2 and ZyPerMX4 integrate with Wowza Media Systems. They also support AAC, a widely used and often preferred audio compression format, in addition to supporting MP2 and AC3 formats.
  • ZyPerMX Player: The ZyPerMX Player, a web-based multicast player, delivers a television-like experience on the desktop for distributed content, including live broadcast TV, movie channels or in-house programming — all without having to install software. The player is also available with an optional electronic programming guide, which dealers can offer to customers for a monthly or annual fee. The programming guide is fully customizable to correspond to the client’s content offerings and programming schedule.
  • STBi3 Set Top Box: ZeeVee’s new STBi3 Set Top Box supports playback from both IP and RF sources and is designed for bulk video distribution or IPTV-type applications, simplifying AV-over-IP streaming. It can be used in conjunction with the ZyPerMX2 and ZyPerMX4, as well as the H.264 Media Module for the HDbridge 3000. This provides a way to create a digital head-end for distributing large numbers of AV sources to an unlimited amount of displays. The STBi3 supports UDP and RTP streams (with MPEG-4 encoding) and QAM and ATSC 2.0 for the North American market. According to ZeeVee, it is the only set-top box that offers Power over Ethernet and scales video up to 4K@60Hz for compatible monitors. ZeeVee’s simplified deployments offer plug-and-play connectivity to the network for viewing channels. The STBi3’s architecture also allows for expansion as system requirements change.
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All the details and specs can be found here.