Clary Icon Introduces OneScreen SoftServe, a Collaboration Hub In The Cloud

onescreen-0614Clary Icon’s new OneScreen SoftServe is a cloud-based collaboration hub for video, audio and web conferencing, whiteboarding, presenting, innovating, selling and more.

Clary says that the OneScreen SoftServe removes the barriers to workflow and bridges the gaps between disparate technologies so that teams don’t have to be concerned with technology, they can simply choose their tools, focus on their work, and can keep business growing. Additionally, OneScreen SoftServe deploys with a live, on-demand Screen Skills Guru button, so help is always at the touch of a finger.

OneScreen SoftServe offers the ability to choose from a variety of collaboration applications, allows seamless transitioning from tool-to-tool, and supports displays, tablets, laptops, and mobile devices, delivering a simpler barrier-free workflow. All from a simple, central launch screen. Its platform agnostic design opens up options; it does not force organizations to use a specific application. Existing SIP and H.323 video conferencing options as well as Web conferencing options such as Microsoft Lync, Cisco WebEx, Adobe Connect, and more, are supported and instantly accessible. OneScreen SoftServe deploys with OneScreen Connect video conferencing service and provides unlimited multi-party calls up to 99 participants on OneScreen Connect or WebRTC and up to four using SIP and H.323. Unlike other applications, it offers resizable video and content windows, presence indicators, unlimited screen, data and application sharing, and advanced meeting record, playback, and sharing.

Here are all the specs.