Microsoft Has Figured Out What Sharp, InFocus, SMART Technologies and Clary Icon Already Knew


Although SMART Technologies invented the interactive whiteboard market, and therefore indirectly invented the interactive display market, companies like InFocus — with Mondopad — and Clary Icon as well as Sharp have developed it into more of a mainstream product category in recent years. So much so that Microsoft has now, well, copied it — but, […]

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Clary Icon Adds Screen Skills Guru Button For OneScreen, On-Demand Support


Clary Icon OneScreen users will have immediate access to live technical support via video. Once a user touches the Screen Skills Guru button, they are instantly connected to a live tech support person who can answer product usage questions, teach users new screen skills, or help diagnose any product issues. For teams and students working […]

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Clary Icon Introduces OneScreen SoftServe, a Collaboration Hub In The Cloud


Clary Icon’s new OneScreen SoftServe is a cloud-based collaboration hub for video, audio and web conferencing, whiteboarding, presenting, innovating, selling and more. Clary says that the OneScreen SoftServe removes the barriers to workflow and bridges the gaps between disparate technologies so that teams don’t have to be concerned with technology, they can simply choose their […]

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Clary Icon Releases BYOD Capable OneScreen System


Clary Icon has released an all new OneScreen system dubbed the h1, with the “h” standing for hubware. Clary Icon’s OneScreen h1 is still an interactive, flat touch panel, l but now it’s integrated with collaboration BYOD features. The company says it’s platform agnostic and built on open architecture for complete compatibility and interoperability. The […]

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Clary Icon Adds 40-Inch Display


Clary Icon, manufacturer of the OneScreen system that’s aimed at SMART Technologies’ users as well as those of the InFocus MondoPad, announced today that it is now offering OneScreen in a 40” screen size. OneScreen is basically an HD video, audio and web conferencing system with a multi-touch interactive screen. OneScreen is interoperable and built […]

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Clary Icon to Launch the Clary OneScreen Interactive Video Whiteboard at InfoComm


Although SMART Technologies won’t be at InfoComm, Clary Icon will, and it will be showing the OneScreen Series, which is is pitching as a complete voice, video and data collaboration solution. Basically, it’s an interactive touch screen that can initiate a video, audio or web conference, running Windows 7 at its core. So, what does […]

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