INOGENI Launches TOGGLE ROOMS XT, U-BRIDGE 3.0 at InfoComm 2024


inogeni toggle rooms xt u bridge 3.0

INOGENI introduced two solutions for collaboration in larger spaces at InfoComm 2024: The TOGGLE ROOMS XT 3 host switcher and the U-BRIDGE 3.0 multi-device extender. Both are built with INOGENI’s TOGGLE series technology.

Today’s boardrooms and classrooms require seamless technology integration to facilitate efficient and productive collaboration and learning. How do these two new products fit in?


TOGGLE ROOMS XT is a 4K, two-PC switcher for five USB/HDMI devices. This helps you manage your room by connecting your laptop via one USB-C 100W cable. This product supports 16:9 and 21:9 aspect ratios and offers connectivity up to 70 meters / 230 feet, video resolution up to 4K@60Hz and is compatible with all major USB cameras and unified communications systems.

The great thing about this product is its ability to allow users to bring their own devices and connect to the host PC or host their own meeting on their laptop and connect instantly to the room’s presentation display and USB peripherals such as video bars, cameras, microphones, speakerphones, etc.

TOGGLE ROOMS XT supports up to two host PCs and routes audio and video signals from and to the active host.

inogeni toggle rooms xt how to

Here is a little bit more about how it works:

Room PC Hub

  • Connect up to three USB3 devices and an HDMI display.
  • Connect to the UC system (such as Lenovo, Logitech, MAXHUB Room PC).
  • 4K60 / 16:9 and 5K30 / 21:9 wide screen (HDMI).

CAT6A Extension Cable

  • Reach up to 70 meters/230 feet from the main Room PC with a CAT6A cable.
  • Video signal up to 40 meters for 4K60 and up to 70 meters for 4K30.
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Laptop Hub

  • Connect up to two USB2 devices.
  • Connect the laptop via USB-C (100W) or HDMI and USB-B.
  • Routes Laptop content to control pads such as MAXHUB XCore and the Logitech Tap.

We also shot a product video of the TOGGLE ROOMS XT at InfoComm 2024. Check it out:


INOGENI says USB peripherals provide “seamless connectivity for videoconferencing and collaboration but fall short of transmission distance with only 1.5 meters/3 feet.” The U-BRIDGE 3.0 Multi-Devices Extender is a solution for mid and large-size rooms. It bridges 3 USB 3.0 connections from the host laptop or PC to USB cameras, speakers, video bars or INOGENI devices up to 100 meters/330 feet over a single CAT6A cable. U-BRIDGE 3.0 uses HDBaseT transmission and it’s controllable via VISCA and RS-232. U-BRIDGE 3.0 is powered by the connected PC host or device.

Here is the video we shot of it at InfoComm 2024: