Barco Brings New Narrow Bezel LCDs With Embedded Processor to InfoComm

OVD-Mil-0614Barco will launch a new range of tiled, ultra-narrow bezel LCD video walls at InfoComm. The Full-HD (1080p) 46” and 55” LCD panels, with light outputs spec’d at 700 and 500 cd/m², address the needs of customers in a wide range of applications, such as control rooms, broadcast, signage, meeting rooms and rental & staging. The OverView OVD-4621, OverView OVD-5521 and OverView KVD-5521 also offer what Barco says is the industry’s smallest bezel size — 3.5 mm.

Barco is introducing its unique SenseX automatic color and brightness calibration technology that’s integrated into this line of displays. The SenseX solution uses built-in sensors within each panel to accurately detect the brightness and color performance of each screen in real-time. Then, using Barco’s unique algorithms, SenseX automatically calibrates each LCD panel to the desired levels to achieve a uniform video wall display. The calibration process can be run in the background without disrupting the image on the wall, resulting in a very uniform and stable image over time.

The Overview OVD-5521, OVD-4621 and KVD-5521 are also the first ultra-narrow bezel LCD displays that can optionally be powered by an external, redundant power supply. Even if the external power supply is located in a separate equipment room far away from the video wall (to minimize both screen heating and noise), there is no loss of image quality. Furthermore, as the hot-swappable redundant power supply makes maintenance less disruptive, it optimizes continuity in mission-critical operations. In addition, as personnel can service and replace the power supply without entering the active control room area, security and clearance in sensitive operations are simplified. This new family of LCDs also meets the most stringent requirements in terms of energy-savings: any wall of any size is Energy Star 6.0 compliant and consumes less than 0.7 mW in low power mode.

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For control room, signage and meeting room applications, the LCD displays have an embedded application processor that can decode IP video streams, crop scale, and loop-through video signals. The loop-through feature saves cabling and supports Ultra High Resolution to be displayed across multiple units. The LCD displays are also equipped with an OPS slot to allow a Slot-in PC module to further boost their processing capabilities, if required. Further add-on features will be added via software upgrades.

Here are all the specs.