Camplex Launches FiberJuice Hybrid Fiber Optic Camera Power & Video System

fiberjuice-0415Camplex’s new FiberJuice hybrid fiber optic camera power system injects power over Neutrik opticalCON SMPTE DUO cables for powering outside broadcast and field production cameras to eliminate the need for local power and batteries at the camera end. FiberJuice delivers safe, low voltage camera power up to 328 feet over opticalCON SMPTE standard fiber optic cables providing enough juice to power cameras, lights, lens control units and more! The system is ideal for sports venues, live events and similar multi-camera shoots where having power at the camera is a necessity but local AC power is not available.

The FiberJuice system creates a complete tactical fiber end-to-end system. It’s available as both a single channel and four-channel unit. It includes options for talkback, tally, an external mic input at the camera and a program return feed. Now you can place cameras in multiple long haul locations and still provide power while keeping your switcher back at the truck.

The Camplex FiberJuice is already shipping and here are the details.