Barco Hints at New ClickShare and We Know What It Will Be Like

barco-clickshare-0913Exactly three years ago, Barco announced its wireless presentation and collaboration (BYOD) system called ClickShare. The product has generated a lot of buzz and steady sales growth since it was launched, and it is now the reference for wireless presentation and collaboration. With an exciting product development roadmap ahead, Barco is determined to facilitate collaboration in today’s knowledge economy. Barco said it’s shipped over 80,000 units already.

To design ClickShare, Barco set up an in-house incubator team to develop a wireless presentation system. As the first of its kind, ClickShare quickly became a leading wireless mirroring product. For the past three years, the ClickShare portfolio has grown with the addition of the CSM-1 product, the introduction of the ClickShare management suite, and the addition of new features and functions — including synchronized sound and full mirroring from mobile devices.

ClickShare’s popularity is indeed on the rise. And, many manufacturers have emulated the product and some are even using the same Barco-owned AWIND chip-set. And, Barco has hinted to the market that, in the next few months, we will see more new ClickShare products. The development of the ClickShare product portfolio continues. In the coming months, new products will be launched to serve all segments of the Corporate AV market. “Collaboration is becoming very important in knowledge working environments,” Jan Willem Brands explains. “Users demand flexible, easy-to-use technology that simply facilitates getting their message across. ClickShare provides an excellent answer to these needs.”

Here is what we think we will see over the next year from the ClickShare development team:

  • A 4K version: Expect Barco to launch a 4K version with four 1080p outputs — count on it!
  • Expect a version that allows for non-compressed video at all resolutions
  • Expect a feature that will allow ClickShare to have devices connected as distance-sources
  • Watch for an eight-button (eight-source) version
  • Watch for Barco to allow multiple ClickShare connectivity and collaboration
  • ClickShare will integrate Skype for Business (or something equivalent)
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ClickShare is here.