Bluefin Details New Ocean Series of Signage Players with Intel-Powered Processors

bluefin ocean intel

Bluefin International announced the Ocean Series of signage players. Part of the Flex-OS line of digital signage media players, here are the features:

  • Operating Systems: IoT enhancements deliver capabilities like hardware virtualization, multi-OS support and real-time computing. The Bluefin Ocean series’ multi-operating system is designed for Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS, all used by industry leading digital signage CMS companies.
  • AI applications: Bluefin Ocean screens are ready for the latest developments in AI driven applications, leveraging Intel technology for faster AI inference, accelerated deep learning and media transcoding.
  • Near Real-time Data: The Bluefin Ocean meets 3rd party software requirements for utilizing AI, analytics, and edge computing, so that businesses and advertisers have near-real-time access to rich customer-centric data, such as dwell times, heat maps, and POS integration.
  • Ultra-High Definition Signage: The Bluefin Ocean Series supports content across a wide band of codecs and formats, perfect for captivating audiences with stunning visuals in retail stores, museums, and control rooms at scale.
  • Interactive Displays: Bluefin displays can now support one touch-enabled 4K LCD alongside two standard 4K displays on Intel bringing next-generation performance to digital signage, POS systems, automation, and many other applications.
  • Scalable: Supported by powerful processing technology, the ability to deliver intelligent, immersive experiences on a large scale is defining a new level of customer experience and engagement.

Bluefin’s technologies, powered by the Intel Processor N97, deliver performance for immersive features and collaboration all while supporting an application environment. Bluefin Ocean systems integrate security technologies designed to harden and protect the entire device stack against a wide range of attacks.