beyerdynamic UNITE System Adapts to Use in Hospitals for COVID-19

unitesystembeyerdynamic is sharing how its UNITE system allows hospital nursing staff to wirelessly transmit emergency signals from their patient’s monitoring devices directly to them.

At a hospital in NYC that currently has multiple floors treating COVID-19 patients, nurses needed to be able to hear the monitor alarms that their patients were connected to while they worked and moved around the hospital floor. The hospital contacted its AV integrator and beyerdynamic and together they quickly created a solution solving the hospital’s specific needs using the UNITE wireless communication system.

Each nurse on the floor is responsible for two patients in a room, so two UNITE TP Bodypack Transmitters were distributed per room, each with a TG L58 lavalier microphone connected to the transmitter. The mics are arranged to pick up only the sounds of the patients’ monitoring devices.

Each nurse then received a UNITE RP-T Receiver Bodypack and a DT 1 single-ear headphone that they keep with them while they work throughout their shift. If any of their patients’ alarms are set off, the nurse instantly hears it. The hospital also purchased a UNITE CC-36P Cockpit Case to charge, store, and manage their system.

beyerdynamic says initial feedback from the hospital has been positive — the nurses are very impressed with the functionality, ease-of-use and audio quality. They plan to outfit two more floors in the hospital with identical systems before the end of the month.

The beyerdynamic UNITE system is here.