Barco’s New AudioCue Solution Aimed at Training Systems and Simulation Environments

Barco has a new audio system for simulation. The AudioCue is a solution that adds high-quality and precise audio cues to simulation systems. Barco says the precise audio cues allow trainees to pinpoint objects and occurrences before they are within visual range, greatly contributing to faster decision-making and a trained, educated reaction pattern when a situation is at its most critical state. The result is a system that increases the awareness and effectiveness of training, better answering the needs of a wide variety of training and simulation markets, including ground training (rescue, security, direct combat, etc.), urban, JTAC and healthcare.

Barco AudioCue uses the patented IOSONO CORE processing system for rendering real-time sound in the simulation market. Depending on an object’s virtual location, Barco AudioCue renders sound on the spot, instead of mixing and delivering to a specified channel. This generates audio cues from the exact location that the object should be relative to the trainee’s position. Conventional channel-based systems don’t offer this precision, making the training programs rigid and far less realistic.

The Barco AudioCue processor supports speaker arrangements from eight to 128 audio channels − customized to any room, shape or other constraint — so that the sound rendering is based on the exact position of the speakers and not on a pre-defined layout. Therefore, there is no auditory ‘sweet spot’ in the system, which eliminates the risk of negative training.

Here are all the tech specs.