Back to School AV

Audiovisual (AV) technologies are everywhere, utilized in almost every part of our lives.  We use AV technologies on a daily basis to communicate, interact, entertain and learn, so it would only make sense to utilize AV solutions in our education systems too.

AV technologies are completely influencing the way educators teach and students learn.  From kindergarten classrooms to university lecture halls, AV technologies are creating an interactive learning experience to engage students of all ages like never before.  AV technologies have brought on new resources, opening doors for new classes and student learning capabilities.

AV technologies help to prepare students for their future careers and the real world because as our nation becomes increasingly more technology-dependent, it becomes even more necessary that students learn to be tech-savvy to be successful.

There are many ways to utilize AV technologies and the list really could go on and on.  Listed below are the best ways AV technologies can be integrated within schools, colleges and universities.

  • Interactive whiteboards allow for hands-on activities for students and ease of use for teachers compared to the old, standard chalkboard, which create a more effective learning environment.
  • Video conferencing carts are a great, cost effective mobile solution to creating more engaging experiences for students in the classroom, lecture halls, at assemblies, pep rallies, etc.

red chairs rows in conference hall

  • Digital signage makes it easy to digitally display just about anything, from caloric count in cafeterias that helps students make healthier choices, to study room schedules that update quickly informing students when a study room is open.
  • Multi-screen video walls allow for many types of information to be displayed in locations such as stadiums or student recreation centers.
  • Wayfinding kiosks make the stress of finding a building or classroom a lot less by digitally displaying maps.



Of course, there are many more options to employing AV technologies in a classroom or on campus than this list.  If you are interested in learning more, you can reach out to me directly at

Tell us: What do you think is the best educational way to utilize AV technology?