B-Tech’s New BT8312 Pop-Out Mount Brings Ultra-Slim Benefits

B-Tech AV Mounts’ new ultra-slim BT8312 is designed to make video wall installations as quick and simple as possible. It’s capable of video wall configurations in both landscape and portrait formats.

The ultra-slim profile of the BT8312 makes it a choice for mounting into walls with a narrow recess or when space in front of the wall is at a premium. ADA compliance — American legislation relating to the accessibility of electronic and information technology for people with disabilities, states that wall mounted screens in public places must not protrude more than 100 millimeters from the wall. As screens get thinner, with some sub-50-millimeter deep models now available, the BT8312 is ideal for meeting these regulations.

Being part of the B-Tech family of mounting solutions, the BT8312 also works as a pole mounted solution when used with the System 2 range. Similar to B-Tech’s BT8310 mount, the BT8312’s pop-out system allows quick and easy access to the rear of mounted screens for servicing and tool-less micro-adjustment enables easy and accurate screen alignment. The BT8312 also features wallplate keyhole fixing, with mounting template spacers available to eliminate time-consuming calculations and on-site measuring. B-Tech’s engineers have developed an integrated locking mechanism that prevents accidental screen pop-out, with interface adapter arms included for use with VESA 600×400 displays.

Here are all the details.