Marquee Cinema Collection by Origin Acoustics Debuts at CEDIA

Origin Acoustics will announce their new Marquee Cinema Collection this week at CEDIA. The front LCR speakers reside in braced, extruded aluminum enclosures that can be mounted in or on the wall depending on the specific installation. Dual 8-inch woofers and dual 5 1/4-inch mids flank a titanium compression driver. Each pair of mids and woofers is independently powered by a dedicated 700-watt amplifier channel with extensive DSP. The compression driver also benefits from its own digitally processed amplifier channel as well.

A three-way system that is tri-amplified does not depend on passive x-over networks that limit system flexibility and reduce efficiency. Each driver can be individually tuned to provide the perfect sonic profile for the specific room in which it is being asked to operate. It offers a total of 2,100 watts per speaker or 6,300 watts pushing the front three channels, efficiency of 97dB and a max SPL of 123 dB. The same speaker/amplifier combination can be employed for the side and rear channels or a client may prefer in-ceiling speakers like the Director D109, Origins flagship, 10-inch speaker for these locations. The low frequency duties are performed by a pair of 15-inch subwoofers in ported cabinets powered by two, individual 1,500-watt mono-block amplifiers.

List for each of the front speakers and their accompanying amplifier will be $5,000. The individual sub/amp combination will be $3,500 each. The entire system will be shipping in the fourth quarter of this year.

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