AVPhenom launches Electronic Gift Giving Service

December 24th, 2018

Orange County, CA

Just in time for Christmas, AV innovator and inventor, Mark Coxon, AKA @AVPhenom, has introduced a disruptive new electronic gift-giving service.

“I saw two trends converging in the marketplace”, says Phenom.  “First, young people are consuming a large amount of YouTube content and Twitch content. Secondly, there has been an exponential jump in the number of people communicating via video conferencing.  My new service leverages both of these trends.”

When asked if a small start-up could gain any traction in the gift-giving space against e-commerce giants like Walmart and Amazon, Phenom smiled and said “Of, course. Amazon and Walmart leverage buying power, huge supply chains, web service portals, and logistics services to provide almost anything, anywhere, within the same day, but my service is different.”

“If you analyze the YouTube content young people today consume, you’ll see that they watch gamers like Ninja or streamers like Stampy Cat play video games.  They watch Collins Key or We are the Davises where streamers broadcast themselves eating weird foods or making things.  There’s a whole marketplace for vicarious experiences.”

This is where Phenom says his service will disrupt the entire industry.

“My service connects gift givers to recipients instantly, leveraging the search terms they use to look for gifts online.  Instead of purchasing the gift at full price and waiting several hours for it to arrive, my new system will match you with someone who has already received the physical gift, and allows you to watch them open it right then for a fraction of the cost!”

He calls his new system “TelePresentsTM”.

“My new TelePresents TM system saves transportation costs, eliminates excessive packaging waste, and leverages the need our young people have for instant gratification and their fascination with vicarious experiences.”

Phenom also points out that TelePresents TM is not JUST for Christmas.  It is perfect for all occasions, especially when you are in a crunch for a gift.

“Earlier this year, I forgot my 18th wedding anniversary.  I remembered just as I pulled into the driveway so I didn’t even have a card or flowers.  I quickly utilized my Beta TelePresents TM system to send my wife a link of a woman getting flowers and opening diamond earrings, with a hasty but heartfelt ‘Happy Anniversary’ caption.  She was already watching it before I even got inside the house.  You should’ve seen the look on her face!”

The AVPhenom’s TelePresents TM system goes live on Christmas Day and will be delighting families all over the world.