PowerShades Debuts PoE Version 2.0

powershades 2.0 poe

PowerShades PoE 2.0 is out, and as the name implies, it includes PoE (dubbed TruePoE) automated window shades. This new version of PowerShades’ PoE shades arrives with new features and benefits, including indoor shade size up to 19’, quieter motors and 13x more processing power.

Benefits of the new PoE 2.0 shades include:

  • Up to 6Nm torque capability, which means that PowerShades can now manufacture its custom PoE shades to offers a maximum shade size of up to 19’ (maximum size subject to fabric weight and thickness).
  • Upgraded CPU and electronics, including 13x processing power, with ARM Cortex M7 Technology, and 10x more code space for enhanced features and performance now and in the future.
  • More dry-contact functions, including “Stop” and “Favorite.”
  • Enhanced networking stack will enable new features such as VLAN Tagging capable and IPV6 support.
  • A built-in web server offering configuration of motor and limits, modification of network setting, programmable dry-contact functionality, and advanced diagnostics.
  • The new Version 2.0 of PowerShades’ TruePoE shades will continue to offer all the unique benefits of the company’s initial breakthrough product. As with the original PoE version of Powershades’ automated shades, a single run of CAT5 cable provides both power and communication. The use of a single network cable means there is no proprietary hard wiring necessary. Also, since the new PoE motor is low voltage (under 50V DC), it does not require the services of a licensed electrician or special certifications, reducing installation expense and time.

With power coming from a single, central source, more information can be transferred on the network cable while improving reliability over traditional RF solutions. These PoE shades are also extremely flexible – additional sensors can be added to the motor to meet current and future customer needs.

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PowerShades’ PoE automated shades are compatible with a range of leading home and industrial automation systems, including Amazon Alexa, BondBridge, RTI, Google Home, SmartThings, Crestron, ELAN, Control4 and URC.